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Eight Main Reasons

to Use Digital Document Management in a Business

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Increased Efficiency

Using Workflows

Convenient workflows can be used for signing, coordinating, or sharing documents. Their use speeds up task completion and makes the process transparent.


Faster Access

Digital document management accelerates the findability of documents compared to paper documents in folders.

More Effective Collaboration Within the Company

Access to Documents from Home Office or Mobile Location

The system allows secure access to digital documents from most locations equipped with data communication. Companies with multiple branch offices or those implementing mobile workplaces can perform document-related activities as effectively as if working together in one office.

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Document Security

Implementing Access Rules

Unlike paper documents or shared folders on the company’s network drive, the system enables precise person- or group-based access rules for documents and document types.


Transparent Usage

The system provides a detailed log of document management usage, showing with time precision who has viewed or modified documents.

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Cost Savings

Reduced Costs for Paper and Printing Supplies

Transitioning from paper to digital documents significantly reduces the cost of office paper and printing supplies. Most offices can reduce or even eliminate the need for printers.


Savings on Document Storage Costs

Storing paper documents can be a significant cost (or at least a cumbersome additional obligation) for larger companies. Replacing paper documents with digital ones reduces or eliminates costs associated with paper document storage (office space, paper archive storage fees, purchasing folders and shelves).


Reduced Administrative Burden

Since digital document management allows for the automation of document circulation-related activities, it reduces the burden on the company’s administrative staff.

Ensuring Compliance with Regulations

Ensuring GDPR Compliance

The system is a good tool for ensuring GDPR compliance, as the document usage log provides an overview of the use of documents related to customers.


Managing ISO Documentation

The system is also suitable for managing quality management documentation when the company implements a quality management system based on ISO or other standards.

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Data Retention

Data Backup

The system backs up company data to at least two physical data communication centers. In addition, data can be backed up to third-party locations, reducing the risk of ransomware attacks.


Controlled Destruction of Data

The document destruction process in the document management system ensures the real deletion of data from data sources and ensures that deleted data cannot be used later.

Environmental Aspect

Reducing Environmental Footprint

Although digital document management consumes electricity to operate, it achieves significant environmental savings compared to paper-based document management.

Growth Flexibility

No Need for Stepwise Investments

The system’s document management is a cloud service, which is flexible in conditions of growing volumes. Customers only pay for the storage of the data volume used and do not have to invest in expanding their infrastructure.

In summary, using the system's digital document management helps increase the efficiency of a company or organization, save costs, make access to documents safer, and ensure compliance with rules and requirements.

Such a strategic decision can significantly change the entire operation of the company and ensure a better position in the competition.

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