Infore Digital Archive


Infore Digital Archive

Infore's digital archive ensures long-term archiving and reproducibility of your company's documents and offers a secure way to share archived documents within the company or with external partners.


Special solutions

The interfaces between information systems and the digital archive settings according to the company's business processes.


E-invoice archiving

Automatic archiving of your purchase and sales invoices with related additional documentation (offers, contracts and deeds).



Based on our team's long-term experience in the field of digital document management and archiving, we help you find the best way for your company to archive documents, e-invoices and other files.

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The transition to digital document management often requires the transfer of paper documents to digital form. We have the necessary technology and specialist for this, and we will gladly do the tedious work for you.

Infore document management

Automatically interfaced

Infore API provides a universal interface for integrating the digital archive with other internal or external systems in use.

Easy to set up

All document types can be easily configured through the graphical user interface.

Digital signing

Infore offers different ways of digital archiving. Both parallel and serial signing are supported.

Dynamic views

Different views can be configured for one document type to support the needs of different departments in the organization.

Detailed system of usage rights

Access to documents can be set in detail by the main user of the system. Rights can be granted both by species and by individual documents. As a special solution, it is possible to add Infore to the domain management of your corporate network.

Authentication using ID card and mobile ID

Access to Infore is ensured by a secure identification method.

Destruction of controlled documents

Infore includes an audited document destruction process, which ensures a correct document destruction process.

Detailed usage log

All activities are marked in the Infore log, which is based on the requirements of the data protection regulation.

Indexed search

The documents added to the archive and the metadata attached to them are indexed. The index enables a high-quality, detailed search of the entire archive.

Quick and easy filter system

Filters based on metadata are displayed in the view created for each type of document, through which you can quickly sort out documents of interest.

Sharing documents with partners

Sending links to documents in a digital archive is a good way to ensure the security of the shared document and control over the transmitted content.


A sequence of work orders is created in the Infore environment, which consists of viewing, approving and/or signing a document. A new stage starts automatically after completing the previous one, and the progress of the workflow can be continuously monitored.


Simple pricing and a fixed monthly fee make acquiring document management easier than ever. Create and set up an account in just a few hours.

Infore Lite
Digital archive and document management
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Predefined document types (15)
Up to 2 users
1 GB of data (€3,20 each next GB)
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Digital archive and document management
Infore 4.0 icon
Unlimited number of document types
Unlimited number of users
10 GB of data included in the price (€3,20 each next GB)
Using API
Workflows and digital signing
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Digital archive
Digital archive
Infore Digital archive logo
Unlimited number of document types
Unlimited number of users
1 GB of data (€3,20 each next GB)
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The prices given in the price list apply to the standard solution. Infore is also ready to offer its customers a special solution, the price of which we agree with the customer after getting to know the needs.

The roots of Infore

Baltic Digital Archive AS was established in 2010 as a spin-off of software development company Net Group OÜ. The first investor was Rain Lõhmus (the founder of LHV Bank). Our mission back then was to store business-critical data for the banking sector in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Later in 2015, the company underwent MBO, changing the name to Infore AS. The new management set the new course, and the company began to focus on developing document management functionality on the archiving platform. Today, Infore AS is the leading digital archive solution provider in Estonia, with several prominent corporations using the platform for everyday document management.

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